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[Review]: Memories of You by AC Jade

Memories of You
AC Jade
147 pages
Kindle Edition
Release date: 30th July, 2017

A collection of poetry inspired by the book The Foreigner


Memories of You is a poetry book by AC Jade, in this collection she brings us an inspiration about another published book, The Foreigner. In this union of beautiful words, poetries are formed inspired by love, family, friends and the most important thing, by the search of self-discovery, of your identity, showing truly what a confident woman is capable to do, with no fears.

A quick read in 147 pages and 135 poetries that can make anyone take your breath away. Some poetry in third person, others in first person. Is hard to not fall in love, without counting the formatting. Each poetry receives what it match, for example, hearts, flowers, etc.

I haven’t read The Foreigner yet, but according with the inspired words written in this book is possible to see a connection between passion and teachings. This is what every good romance is able to give us.

Rating: 5/5


About the Author

A. C. JADE was born and raised in the Island of The Philippines. She is a true romantic at heart.  Her passion for traveling and exploring made her write her first novel. A.C JADE loves to write steamy romantic stories with the emotional roller coaster that leads to happy ever after ending. Her sizzling stories will get you hook intellectually, emotionally and physically. Her greatest dream is to travel across 7,107 Islands in the Philippines.

Paula M. C. Basílio
blogger and author

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