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[Review]: The First Touch of Sunlight by Len Webster

Step out of the shadows and into the sunlight! Originally released in December, 2016, The First Touch of Sunlight by Len Webster 
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SYNOPSIS My Josh. His Beth. Someone else’s Meredith... Destined to fall apart before their lips have even touched, Samuel Michaels and Meredith Driessen have seven years of almosts between them.  Seven years ago, a night by the river would bind them together. Seven years ago, Sam’s entire world blew up before his eyes.  His only saviour …  Meredith.  She saved his life, exposing him to what it could be like to be with her. But that wasn’t Life’s plan. Because deep down, his secrets will destroy their lives and separate them. His secrets will break both their hearts until the day he finds her standing on the edge of the train platform, complet…
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[Review]: Say You Will by AC Jade

Title: Say You Will Author: AC Jade Released: November 11, 2017 Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance Goodreads

Blurb Money can’t buy happiness but it definitely puts food on the table and roof over your head.

GRACIELA “LACE” LOPEZ is an attractive woman who was abandoned by her parents at a young age. She is broke, homeless, and desperate for cash, but the only asset she has is her body. She wants change and a chance at a better life.

JAXTON STONE is an attractive software billionaire whose good looks could melt a woman’s brain. He has a complicated past, and he keeps it a secret. In order to keep in shape and follow his strict diet, he hires a maid from the Philippines who can also cook. Little does he know, he will get more than he bargained for.

When their worlds collide in Hong Kong, Jaxton and Lace find they have one thing in common.

Will their unexpected attraction to each other lead to finding an unconditional love above and beyond, or will the fact that she is a maid with a troubled pa…

[Editora Parceira - Spartacus]: Lançamento!

A Editora Spartacus, parceira aqui do blog, está com lançamento nesta sexta, (10). O livro "Engorde e Seja Feliz" da autora e nutricionista, Maristela C. Alves. 
A história é sobre... O livro conta a história de "João Rolha de Poço", um gordo assumido que não se preocupa com a sua alimentação, e isso acarreta a sua não preocupação com a própria saúde, até que ele conhece uma nutricionista bem diferente.
E mais um motivo para garantir o livro... Apesar de ser escrita por uma nutricionista, a autora Maristela C. Alves, coloca a obra como uma sátira, e mesmo dando lições sobre a alimentação saudável, ela também contém humor e um linguajar acessível. 
Garanta agora mesmo o seu exemplar!  Acesse aqui

Paula M. C. Basílio blogueira e autora
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[Review]: Misadventures of the First Daughter by Meredith Wild and Mia Michelle

Mia Michelle & Meredith Wild
Released 30th October


Charlotte Daley is the daughter of the newly elected POTUS. An only child, she’s both spoiled rotten and entirely neglected by her powerful family. She’s been forced to eat with the right forks, smile at all the right times, and be the picture of perfection for months. Now that her father is in office and too busy to know she exists, she’s determined to exercise her new freedom before she heads back to college in New York.
Ex-SEAL Zane Parker has one job to protect the President’s daughter, all day, every day. But she’s been on a partying spree since the inauguration, heading down a dangerous path that threatens to ruin her reputation and cause a major scandal for her father. Zane will lose his job if he can’t get her under control. Except he wants to sleep with her as badly as he wants to set her straight. She needs discipline. And he might be just the one to give it to her.

[Review]: Uncuffed by Michelle Dare

BLURBWhat started out as a necessity, soon turned into an addiction. Hope craved the high stealing gave her. She put her childhood dreams aside and embraced her life as a thief. Target after target, she took their money before moving on to the next unsuspecting victim. Then she met a man in a bar who flipped her world upside down. The blood in Rowe’s family ran blue. Following in his father’s footsteps, he became a detective, vowing to protect and serve his community. By day, Rowe went after criminals and by night his only pursuit was women. He had no time for dating; his only commitment was to his job. But Hope stole something of his that was worth more than money. The last person a detective should desire was a career criminal. Although, something about her made Rowe need to keep Hope uncuffed. All she wanted was to protect a good man from going down with her when the inevitable happened. Following their hearts led them down a dangerous road, especially since they lived on opposite si…

[Resenha]: Coming Altered de Renee Harless

Título: Coming Altered Série: Welcome to Carson #4 Autora: Renee Harless Lançamento: 24 de Outubro 2017

A vida pode ser alterada com um passo de cada vez. Cassidy Connelly sabia desde jovem o que queria fazer com a sua vida – ser estilista. Como a princesa do mundo do design, Cassidy orgulha-se de suas criações e quer fazer sua marca na indústria da moda. Uma noite é impossível apagar-se de sua memória, mas isso não atrapalhará seu caminho. Então, quando ela tem a chance de criar novos trajes para a banda mais famosa do mundo e de se juntar a eles em uma turnê de seis semanas, ela agarra a oportunidade. Até que sua memória retorna ao seu caminho. Harlan Jax está vivendo a vida dos sonhos de todos. Ele é o principal guitarrista da Exoneration uma banda sensação mundial e ele faz jus ao seu estado de Deus do rock, embora ele preferisse estar sozinho escrevendo músicas. Um bloquinho, uma nova turnê e uma nova publicidade fazem Harlan reconsiderar seu caminho. Isto é, até que uma mulh…

[Review]: Coming Altered by Renee Harless

Title: Coming Altered Series: Welcome to Carson #4 Author: Renee Harless Release Date: October 24, 2017
Life can be altered one stitch at a time.
Cassidy Connelly knew from a young age what she wanted to do with her life – play dress up. As the up-and-coming princess of the design world Cassidy takes pride in her creations and wants to make a stamp on the fashion industry. A one night stand that refuses to eject itself from her memory isn’t going to stand in her way. So when she has the chance to design costumes for the hottest band in the world and join them on a six week tour she jumps at the chance. Until her memory becomes reality.
Harlan Jax is living the life of everyone’s dreams. He is the lead guitar player for the worldwide sensation Exoneration and he lives up to his rock god status even though he’d much rather be alone writing songs. Until a bit of writer’s block, a new tour, and a publicity overhaul has Harlan reconsidering his path. That is until a remarkable woman hidd…